Little Ones Dream Big

It was the big question that Andrea Montenegro recently asked the children in our Drug and Crime Prevention Project in Guayaquil, Ecuador: What is...

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First-Hand Reports of Miracles

Usually they take care of street children in Paraguay, look after kids in danger in one of our Transformation Houses or show drug addicts in Russia a...

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A Week Filled with Fun

Twenty-six children attended this year’s summer camp at our Rehab Center in Belarus. Over the course of one week, the kids enjoyed hands-on fun...

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Dumb David

Rush Hour in Asuncion, Paraguay. Sitting in my car, I am waiting for a red l ight to change when from the corner of my eye I suddenly notice something...

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HIV in Belarus

On December 1 is World Aids Day. Politicians and experts agree the issue has lost none of its relevance. We also find this in Belarus where we are...

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Outreach Where Others Come for Vacation

In 2014, our team opened a Contact Center close to Aristotelos Square in Thessaloniki, Greece which serves as a point of contact for drug addicts. It...

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Granny and Granddad are here!!

Donors on Tour of South America

"When they come, it is like ganny and granddad from Germany come to visit," says Philipp Bissegger, leader of the...

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Gabriela - No Longer Abandoned!

She used to be an abandoned child, but in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru she found a new home.

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