And she wasn't even supposed to walk

One of the young people living in our Transformation House in Lima, Peru is named Grace. She attends a special needs school where she is supported...

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10 Years of Volunteer Service

Even some time before the beginning of the 21st century, TOS Ministries International has been taking volunteers abroad. Exactly ten years ago, the...

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The Office in Svetlagorsk

Drug addiction is a growing problem in Belarus. People with drug addiction suffer not only from health problems, but also from other mental disorders...

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Children's Day in Ecuador

June 1 marked the international Children's Day.

On the occasion of this day, our team in Guayaquil prepared a bag with sweets and a toy for each of...

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Out and About

To give the children a chance to let off steam not just on the grounds of the Transformation House, our team takes them on excursions and outings into...

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Cleaning the Well

There is never a shortage of projects for the Transformation House in Sucre.

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Recycling in Sucre

Two weeks ago, we reported on the new sofa for the Transformation House in Sucre, Bolivia. The old one has found a second life now.

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Extending the Protective Wall in Sucre

In recent years, a river adjacent to the grounds of our Bolivian Transformation House has tended to be a recurring problem.

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