Do you Hear the Cry for Help?

Interview with Founder Jobst Bittner

New Account Number

To ensure that your invaluable help continues to reach us, please update your standing orders and transfer templates. Thank you very much!

Visiting South America

The "Grandparents" are back in South America! This is a great joy for everyone...

Christmas in South America

In all of the projects in South America our team celebrated Christmas.

When the Grandparents come for a visit...

Günther and Ursula Kiesinger have reached their next destination on their tour of South America: Asunción, Paraguay.

Thank you!

"We are very grateful for the relief supplies you are sending us. They will make life in our area much easier."

1000 Miles Eastward

We are planning to send a shipment of relief supplies to Belarus, which is a distance of about 1000 miles.

Charity Run for the Battle against Addiction!

As announced a few days ago, TOS Ministries International is organizing a charity run in October to send a delivery of relief supplies to Belarus.

Next Stop: University

The choice of career for young people in South America is very different from what we are used to here in Europe or the USA.

Back to School

School started this week in the last of the federal states of Germany.

This was the 20th anniversary

"The charity run for the anniversary was definitely a big fun factor. We are very pleased about the large number of sponsors," says Anne Möller,…

Endorsements for TOS Ministries International

"We support TOS Ministries International, because... ... we know that our help reaches its destination." Harald & Claudia Kiesinger, Owners of a…

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