Our staff help the drug addicts to adopt a new life style, making lasting freedom of drug an attainable goal. Therapy includes the steps of ambulatory detox and withdrawal, stationary rehab, plus a Third Stage & Follow-Up program in special follow-up apartments. This enables them to become examples and leaders in their country, changing their society from within. Drug addicts can make it!

Stationary Drug Rehab

The Rehab Center in Southern Belarus was founded in 1998 and offers space for 15 rehab patients. Life together, occupational therapy and intense individual counseling provide doomed drug addicts with the chance of beginning a new life. We encourage the rehab patients to make restitution for damage they may have caused in the past and to ask forgiveness. By getting their relationships from the time of their drug abuse right and by taking responsibility for their own lives they are less likely to slide back into old habits. Currently the success rate of the Rehab Center is at 76%. It was established at a time when even the city authorities did not have an answer to the drug crises. Hundreds were dying and there seemed to be no way out. To date, about 150 people have successfully completed the rehab program. There are other projects among drug addicts we are setting up along the same lines in other cities of Belarus, Siberia and Greece.

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