Current Situation

Argentina is about seven times the size of Germany and second in size in South America only to Brazil. In recent years, the economic situation has seen a dramatic decline. The economic crisis has resulted in unemployment and poverty. By now almost half of the population in Argentina lives below the poverty line - and the numbers are rising.

Our Location

San Salvador de Jujuy is the capital of the country's poorest province, situated at an altitude of 1,300 m with roughly 400,000 inhabitants. The city is marked by sprawling slums on all sides. In Punta Diamante, one of the slum areas with about 2,500 inhabitants, approx. 47% are under the age of 19. Many of them are single mothers aged 12-19. They mostly live in tiny brick huts with only basic sanitary facilities. It is part of normal life that many children - especially the younger ones - are left to themselves all day and many of them even have to "take care" of younger siblings.

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