Street children in South America need help. 40 million kids live out on the streets, fighting for survival every single day. 70 percent come from broken families; 57 percent take drugs to forget hunger and cold. Just imagine what could happen, if those kids were to be saved out of this vicious circle of poverty and violence. Children who from earliest childhood knew nothing but rejection and contempt, can become bearers of hope in their society. To give street kids a chance for this kind of transformation we are establishing 50 children's homes all over South America. Our staff are giving street kids a new home and make the love of God tangible for them. They receive care and support until their personalities have been healed and restored, so they can become active and productive members of their societies, developing all their skills and talents. This foundation enables them to become leaders and examples in their nations. Street children can make it!

Our Branches

Transformation Houses

In these children's home, we provide street children with a new home. Usually, we admit children between six and ten years of age. Most of them stay in the Transformation House for several years, until they are able to stand on their own two feet and their personalities have been healed and restored. They live together with our staff like a big family, and each of them is fostered in their individual talents and gifts. This foundation enables them to become leaders and examples in their nations.

The Projects

Day Care Center

Our Day Care Center is a safe place for children aged between 1 and 3 to play and to get one hot meal a day plus lots of personal care and attention. When they come to us, often enough they are hungry and neglected, as most of their moms are single mothers struggling to make ends meet. They simply have no time for their kids. So the Day Care Center provides a warm nest for the little ones, where they can develop stable personalities.

The Projects

Drug and Crime Prevention

 Growing up in a slum, kids in South America have no toys. Even at a young age they have to work just like the grown-ups. No-one helps them to develop their talents. This is the kind of environment for our regular open afternoons and sports and creativity workshops. We provide kids and adolescents between 3 and 25 with a place for their creativity like painting or crafts, but also the chance to learn playing an instrument or dance and do sports. We also offer courses in adult education for parents. This helps to keep the young people off the streets and from falling into drugs and crime.

The Projects


5 Reasons to Sponsor a Child

Our sponsors support the children in the Transformation Houses or in the Day Care Center with a regular set amount. There are at least 5 reasons why this kind of support works:

  1. Your donation gets to where it is supposed to go! 
    Your funds are used for your sponsored child without any deductions.
  2. Not a drop in the ocean! 
    Your donation enables us to provide individual care in a family style setting.
  3. Children are the hope of their nation! 
    You can invest in tomorrow's personalities today.
  4. Continuity. 
    The children can stay in the Transformation Houses until the end of their education or training.
  5. Accessible. 
    You can be in personal contact with your sponsored child.

As sponsor, you commit to supporting a child for a period of time with a monthly donation:

  • The set donation can vary between € 30 and € 150 per month.
  • It is used to supply the basic needs of a child in accommodation, food, play and sports, but it is also used for education and vocational training.
  • You decide how long you would like to sponsor the child for. The children can usually stay in our Transformation Houses from the time they are little until they are grown up.
  • We will suggest a child or teenager for you to sponsor. You will receive a photograph, along with some brief personal information.
  • From then on you will receive regular information and mail from your sponsored child. Besides you can use our Sponsorship Portal to get in touch directly with your sponsored child.

This is what your sponsorship can do: 

  • With € 30 you can cover a child's food for a month.  
  • With € 60 per month you can pay for a child's education. 
  • With € 100 per month you can fund music/art/sports workshops for children in our drug and crime prevention projects.
  • With € 150 per month you fully sponsor a child's place in our day care center
  • With € 250 per month you cover the complete expenses for a child in a Transformation House. 

For questions, please contact:


Our sponsorship team
Email: tdi[at]


Would you like to sponsor a child?

We are happy to send you a short description of a child who currently needs sponsorship.

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Transformed Lives thanks to Sponsors and Donors

No Longer a Street Child


Cesar was 7 when he ran away from home. Violence in his broken family had driven him to a situation he now describes as the worst time of his life. He was one of the first street kids we took in at the bus terminal in Asuncion, Paraguay. We gave him warm meals, a shower, and a safe place for the night. Later our staff lost track of him. Today he is married, has a baby son, and every now and then he comes to visit the Transformation House to tell his story to the former street kids living there now.

Cesar from Paraguay

Now Happily Married


Claudia had already planned to leave Carlos, because he was squandering the little money they had, and their five children did not have sufficient food or clothing. When she had just made up her mind she learned about the courses at TOS Ministries. The staff counseled her and together the family took the courses at the Community Center. Because of a new sense of direction in their lives, both Claudia and Carlos started changing, and so they dared a new beginning and even got married. Today they are a happy family of 7.

Claudia from Ecuador

Made it to Business College


We used to live in one small room with five people. When I was 10, I started helping my father to sell breakfast at a small food stall. We had to start at 3 am. When I was 14, I came across TOS Ministries. We were playing games and attending workshops. Later I learned to play the bass guitar and joined the band. Then I started leading my own workshops, and now I am leading our youth evenings. Every Saturday, we have about 30 youth gathering for worship. I am working and also studying business management, which is actually something quite exeptional. About 80 percent of the girls in my class got pregnant really early, and most of them are single mothers now. 30 percent of the guys are drug addicts now, and only about 30 percent are at college like I am.

Daniela from Peru