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Children's Day in Guayaquil

“ Children's Day” is an integral part of the calendar in South America. Our projects also make the most of this occasion.
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Chess in Greece

The drop-in center in Thessaloniki, Greece is open regularly and offers a safe space for consultation, relaxation and programs.
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Children's Program Punto.com in Lima, Peru

Every week there are fun and creative workshops at the Punto.com children's program in Lima, Peru.
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Volunteer in South America

With TOS Ministries International you can volunteer in 5 countries of South America as well as in Israel. The Applicants' Day for this year's…

A Hotel for Street Kids

Because they are worth it!

A Place of Refuge for Street Children

In Recife, Brazil there are a lot of street kids. We are creating a refuge for them.

Words that Change a Child's Life

Words have power. Words can encourage, hurt, heal or give hope. Sometimes they have a very tangible influence on a child's life.

What's a life worth?

In South America you can get killed for as little as 10 dollars. Think about the last time you bought something for 10 dollars or euros... a quick…

Our Home in the Transformation House in Lima

To move or not to move, that is the question that is currently on everyone's mind in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru.

A Wedding in Peru

Two of our loyal team members in Lima, Peru said, "Yes, I do!" Astri and Aaron celebrated their wedding...

Kids in Need in Brazil

At the end of last month, the CEO of our association and a small team traveled to Recife, Brazil...

Sand Castles in Calderón

Our team is offering a program for children and young people in the neighborhood of our Community Center in Calderón, Ecuador.

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