Relief Transport for Belarus

The people in Belarus are suffering from the current situation in the country. Among other things, they need simple material support. That is why TOS Ministries International is sending a relief transport there. In the "Your Sport for Transport" campaign, exercise lovers can turn their hobby into real help for the transport by collecting mileage money. But also every euro donated without a Charity Run brings the truck a little closer to its destination

The aid truck has 1000 miles to travel. Together with other sports buffs you can help the transport to reach its destination. How? By setting out and collecting mileage money. By November 30, 2021, we want to reach 1000 miles together. 

It's simple. Here's how it works:

  • Think about how many miles you would like to cover for the transport and register for it here on this website. You can run, but also walk, stroll or go on inliners. 
  • Find donors for the miles you've set your sights on. 
  • Tell your donor(s) how many miles you have covered and ask them to transfer their donation to us. You can forward them this website: (Subject: Relief Transport)

Would you like to participate?

Register here

You can't or don't want to run?

You can simply donate; designate your donation Relief Transport:



Would you like to support a runner from the Belarusian team with mileage? They will cover the distance from the border to Svetlagorsk. Simply write us how many miles you would like to sponsor with which amount per mile. We will let you know what distance "your" runner has covered. 

E-Mail: info[at]

Many people know the political situation in Belarus from the headlines. What is perhaps less well known is that the population is suffering from a very difficult economic situation. We have been working as an aid organization in the country for more than 20 years and see the need for an aid transport

Who will benefit from the aid? 

  • a hospital,
  • Belarussians in need, and 
  • our ministry among drug addicts in Svetlagorsk.

Reasons for the Aid Transport

In 2000, we established a Rehab Center for drug addicts in Svetlagorsk in the south of the country. At that time, the town had the third highest per capita rate of drug addicts of all former CIS countries. Over the past years, our work has gained the recognition of public institutions. Doctors in the city have become its advocates. After more than two decades of continuous rehabilitation work, the equipment of the rehabilitation center is now in need of renewal. However, Belarus' economic situation has steadily deteriorated over the past eight years. The shrinking economy and rapidly rising inflation have resulted in some 475,000 people living below the poverty line. In rural areas, like the one where our Rehab Center is located, the percentage is even higher. Many households have to get by on only USD 75 a week. Many things are not available at all or are very difficult to obtain. The covid pandemic has overcrowded the hospitals. There are often no beds available for new infected patients, and the sick have to care for themselves at home. The mortality rate is very high.