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Information on Sponsorships

TOS Ministries International set up a booth at an open-air concert on Europaplatz in Tübingen. The visitors were enthusiastic about the projects and…


Arabella* came to the Transformation House in Sucre, Bolivia, at the age of ten together with her three sisters.
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A New Era in Bolivia

The team in Sucre has recently spelled out the word "new" in many different ways.

A New Home in our Transformation House

Our team in Sucre, Bolivia has cleaned and rearranged some of the rooms in the Transformation House.


In Sucre, Bolivia, we celebrated the first anniversary of "Creativo".

What's a life worth?

In South America you can get killed for as little as 10 dollars. Think about the last time you bought something for 10 dollars or euros... a quick…

Vacation Fun

In Sucre, Bolivia, the vacations are coming to an end, but the team of our local project is not running out of creativity for the workshops in the…

Distributing Clothes

Our team in Sucre, Bolivien came up with a special activity for the teenagers in our Transformation House there.

Working Hard to Build the Wall

The protective wall is extended at the perimeter of the property in Sucre, Bolivia.

A Step in the Right Direction

Young people from the Transformation House in Sucre step up to support their neighbors.

Back on the Other Side of the World

In less than a month Ingrid Maier is going to return to Bolivia.

Flowers for Mothering Sunday

A few days ago it was Mothering Sunday in Bolivia.

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