A Wedding in Peru

Two of our loyal team members in Lima, Peru said, "Yes, I do!" Astri and Aaron celebrated their wedding...

Visiting South America

The "Grandparents" are back in South America! This is a great joy for everyone...

Back Outside at Last!

Every Saturday, we hold creative workshops for children and adolescents in the poor district of Lima.

Big Gathering in Peru

In Lima, Peru more than 70 representatives from our different bases in five different countries all across South America met.

Special Visitor

Holocaust survivor Hirsz Litmanovicz visited our Transformation House in Lima, Peru.

Special Times Require Special Measures

Our team member Marie Dewald (29) from Lima responded to the challenges to everyday life at our Transformation House in Peru posed by the two-year…

Transformed - Odyssey with Happy End

Nieve (15) lives in our Transformation House in Lima, Peru. Despite her young age, she has had a hard life which she shares about here:

Two Decades in South America

Regine Dewald has been living in Lima, Peru for many years. IIn an interview she shares about her experiences abroad.

Vacations in South America

For our staff in Lima, Peru, it is always important to plan some highlights for the children in the Transformation House during the school vacations.

Plans for Peru

Here our teams share their dreams for 2022. Today, we meet Ruben Gutknecht from Lima:

Celebrating Christmas Together

Lima, Peru was one of the places where it was possible to celebrate Christmas together.

Punto.Com Final Event of the Year

On Saturday, the last Punto.Com in Lima, Peru 2021 took place with very special guests.

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