The volunteers in Belarus will serve in our rehab center, where addicts from all across the nation come for treatment.

Svetlagorsk, Belarus
Target group for our project are drug addicts from cities in the region of Svetlagorsk and all of Belarus. In 2017, there were roughly 10,000 registered drug addicts with a large number of unreported cases. The Rehab Center and Drop-In Center opened their doors in 1997 with an extensive follow-up program. The Drop-In Center and point of first contact is located in the city of Svetlagorsk, where the drug addicts have the opportunity of attending ambulatory therapy to help them decide whether they want to give stationary therapy a try or not. The Rehab Center offers a nine-month stationary rehab in rural Ostrovcizi, rounded off by an individual "Third Stage" and follow-up program in Svetlagorsk. The Rehab Center offers space for 15 patients. The volunteers will support the existing project. Possible areas of activities:

  • accompanying staff when visiting drug addicts
  • support of daily processes
  • maintenance/repairs in and around the center
  • minor office jobs
  • supporting the former drug addicts in practicing daily chores
  • helping in the various aspects of occupational therapy (workshop, farming, house-keeping)