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Movie Night in Paraguay

A trip to the movies as a first prize - which child wouldn't dream of that? The children in the children's program in Asunción, Pargaguay were able…
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Information on Sponsorships

TOS Ministries International set up a booth at an open-air concert on Europaplatz in Tübingen. The visitors were enthusiastic about the projects and…
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Children's Day in Guayaquil

“ Children's Day” is an integral part of the calendar in South America. Our projects also make the most of this occasion.
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Chess in Greece

The drop-in center in Thessaloniki, Greece is open regularly and offers a safe space for consultation, relaxation and programs.
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Children's Program Punto.com in Lima, Peru

Every week there are fun and creative workshops at the Punto.com children's program in Lima, Peru.
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Volunteer in South America

With TOS Ministries International you can volunteer in 5 countries of South America as well as in Israel. The Applicants' Day for this year's…
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A Memorial Stone and its Story

This is something that Svetlagorsk has never had before: a visible place of remembrance for the Jews murdered during the Shoah. Now, on the initiative…

Rain at Last!

After a long dry spell in Asunción, Paraguay, it has now rained again. Without rain, the soil becomes parched...

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere

Our projects in Ecuador celebrated Christmas with lots of creativity this year.


Arabella* came to the Transformation House in Sucre, Bolivia, at the age of ten together with her three sisters.
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A New Era in Bolivia

The team in Sucre has recently spelled out the word "new" in many different ways.
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New Land, New Responsability

Salome (19) started her volunteer service in Ñemby, Paraguay in January and is reporting firsthand of her impressions:

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