The very first project of TOS Ministries International in South America was building a Day Care Center in a slum of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina in 1999. This was the beginning of the ministry among toddlers, children and their families.

A Place of Warmth in Argentina
Currently, the Day Care Center offers space for 30 children aged between one and three years. Because they experience intense support and care, fostering their talents and gifts, they are able to develop healthy personalities. Many times, they turn out best in their class once they start attending school, even though they may not have the family background to make this a given.
In addition to the regular groups, the Day Care Canter offers a broad variety of activities for older children in the afternoons, from tutoring for school to leisure activities. 
Until April 2011, a German team was in charge of the project. Currently, Magali Condori de Gutierrez is head of the project. She was born in the slum and has been on staff at the Day Care Center for many years. 
The work is held in high esteem by the city authorities, by the Ministry for Youth and Health, as well as by state and private social organizations responsible for the development of slum areas. The regular local coordination meetings are frequently held in the Day Care Center. 

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