TOS Ministries International are a Christian charity


Welcome to the Website of TOS Ministries International!


We are a Christian charity, and as part of TOS Ministries we are working among street children, drug addicts, and destitute, who are transformed through the love of God, enabling them to transform their societies from inside. On this website you can get a general overview of our  ministry, branches, and projects. Learn how to donate or how to get involved. Enjoy browsing!

Your Help is Needed!

Street Kids in South America Need Help

  • 40 million street kids in South America
  • 70% from broken families
  • 57% take drugs to forget hunger or cold

Drug Addicts in East & South Europe Need Help

  • 40,000 drug addicts in Belarus
  • 2/3 are between 15 and 25 years old
  • 81% of the people who are HIV-positive are drug addicts

What Makes Us Unique

  1. We work on a personal level.
    The staff in our children's homes and rehab centers permanently live together with the street kids and former drug addicts to be able to provide permanent and lasting support and encouragement.
  2. Our work is based on a Christian concept of mankind.
  3. We work long-term.
    We continue to foster every street kid and every former drug addict for as long as it is necessary until they are able to stand on their own two feet.
  4. Our organization is international. 
    Our projects are located in 11 places in 8 different countries, mainly South America as well as Eastern and Southern Europe.
  5. The kids and drug addicts receive every Euro of your donation.
    Your monthly sponsorship reaches the street kids and former drug addicts in our houses without any deductions. We have cut our administrative costs to a minimum so that also 90% of all other donations are actually used in the projects.