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Volunteer in South America

With TOS Ministries International you can volunteer in 5 countries of South America as well as in Israel. The Applicants' Day for this year's…

Rehab - is it any use?

This or something similar could have been the reaction when Sandra and Rebekka completed their volunteer year at the Drug Rehabilitation Center of TOS…

Newbie on the Team

Hi, I am Janina and I am trainee with TOS Ministries International.


Halfway through their time as international volunteers with TOS Ministries International, they participated in a mid-term seminar in Lima, Peru.

Ready to go!

Last week we had our seminar for volunteers.

Behind the Scenes

How does the news from our international projects get onto our social media channels?

Up and Away, but with Purpose?

Volunteer with us in 2022. Israel, South America or Belarus are waiting for you!

Volunteering in South America

Hi, my name is Janina and I am volunteering in Lima, Peru where I work in a children's home.

Volunteering in Israel

In Israel we cooperate with ADI for our volunteers, which is currently the largest network of places that offer assisted living for people with…

Ready for Adventures!

Last weekend, we had the Preparation Seminar for this year's group of international youth volunteers.

10 Years of Volunteer Service

Even some time before the beginning of the 21st century, TOS Ministries International has been taking volunteers abroad.

Want to Volunteer?

We offer various social fields of work abroad, which you can explore by spending six to twelve months abroad as a volunteer.

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