In South America, there are two options for earning a living: either you seek a university degree or you are hired as an unqualified worker for meager pay. Young adults involved in our projects are given the opportunity to complete university studies with a scholarship financed by donations. Holding a degree opens them a door to a profession from which they can make a self-determined living.

For a Successful Start into the Professional Life

The scholarship for university studies is aimed at young adults like Astri. Thanks to the projects of TOS Ministries International, the former slum child from Peru has successfully completed school and overcome many hurdles. Now, in order to finance her vocational training, she can apply for the scholarship offered by TOS Ministries International. It covers the high tuition fees common in Peruvian universities and the materials needed for her studies. 

In South America there is no vocational training in the European sense. Compared to most countries in Europe, studying is very cost-intensive. However for those holding a university degree paths open up to working in a profession from whose income they can later live independently.

The scholarships we give out are financed by donations. Would you like to enable young people to start their professional careers?

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