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Children's Day in Guayaquil

“ Children's Day” is an integral part of the calendar in South America. Our projects also make the most of this occasion.

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere

Our projects in Ecuador celebrated Christmas with lots of creativity this year.

What's a life worth?

In South America you can get killed for as little as 10 dollars. Think about the last time you bought something for 10 dollars or euros... a quick…

Sand Castles in Calderón

Our team is offering a program for children and young people in the neighborhood of our Community Center in Calderón, Ecuador.

Report from Ecuador

Jenni from Germany spent three weeks visiting one of our projects in South America.


Congratulations to our first university graduate!

Exams in Ecuador

Lat weeks there were mid-term exams in Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador.

Karen made it!

She sucessfully completed her vocational training as a nurse. Where she grew up this success stary cannot be taken for granted.


Congratulations on graduating from university!

Special Fellowship

Every first Friday of the month, there is always a big dinner in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Outreach in Ecuador

We currently have a team from Germany on outreach in Ecuador to support our prevention projects there.

Cinema for Poor Neighborhood

Our team organized a movie night for kids from the por neighborhood of Abdón Calderón, Ecuador.

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