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Information on Sponsorships

TOS Ministries International set up a booth at an open-air concert on Europaplatz in Tübingen. The visitors were enthusiastic about the projects and…
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Chess in Greece

The drop-in center in Thessaloniki, Greece is open regularly and offers a safe space for consultation, relaxation and programs.

Generators for the Ukraine

Thanks to generous donations TOS Ministries International was able to send six generators to the Ukraine.

Help for Refugees

The refugees need support right now.

Immediate Aid Ukraine

On Sunday, the first group of refugees from the Ukraine arrived in Tübingen at approximately 3:30 am.

Immediate Aid Ukraine

Help people who have to flee from the Ukraine! Your donations help our contact team in Lublin, Poland to pick up people from the border, provide them…

Personal Effort for People in Need

We are two thirds there! Now for the dash to the finish line for our Charity Run for the Relief Transport to Belarus.

Getting Ready for a Big Trip

We at TOS Ministries International are preparing a large transport of relief goods.

Donated Kitchen for Belarus

In addition to the difficult economic and health situation in Belarus, the tense political situation is having a particularly negative impact on the…

Comfort through Food Packages

Our Corona Immediate Aid supports people who are threatened in their livelihoods. The example of Rosa from Peru shows the people's gratitude.

Ecuador: State of Emergency extended - Immediate Aid Continues

In Ecuador, the corona crisis is not yet over. The curfew has been extended again. Our workers on site will continue to provide emergency aid for the…

Corona Emergency? Help!!

Many people in the neighborhoods around our bases in South America are crying out for help right now. The local curfews have created hopeless…

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