As it is not sufficient, just to leave the old behind, the former drug addicts are not left to their own devices after successfully completing the rehab program. They set out on an individual follow-up process.

Follow-Up in Belarus

Part of the follow-up is intense care and counseling on the way to stability and reintegration into society and the labor market. Living together in Follow-Up apartments or Third Stage Houses, the former rehab patients are learning to put into practice in everyday life what they have learned in rehab. We are also seeing a restoration of relationships to former friends and family members. As a result of a long-term process many former drug addicts have been able to regain the trust of spouses and families. The majority are living in stable relationships now and have learned to show love and care to their children. And people are starting to take notice! After the successful completion of the rehab program, the former addicts from the Rehab Center usually find jobs fairly easily, as companies in the surrounding area have come to realize that they are reliable, visionary and willing workers. These qualities make them favorite new employees - even despite their past.

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