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Information on Sponsorships

TOS Ministries International set up a booth at an open-air concert on Europaplatz in Tübingen. The visitors were enthusiastic about the projects and…
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Chess in Greece

The drop-in center in Thessaloniki, Greece is open regularly and offers a safe space for consultation, relaxation and programs.

Misery doesn't Take a Summer Break

Thessaloniki in August - sweltering heat, empty streets. Where there is usually a hive of activity, most Greeks flee the city to go to the sea in…

News from Greece

The ministry in Thessaloniki, Greece has been in operation since 2005.

Language Course for Refugees

Our team in Thessaloniki speaks not only Greek, but also German and English.

Three Questions to our Staff

Takis Tseggelidis is on our team in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Charity for Christmas

Also in Greece we had a special Christmas project:

Help that Reaches its Goal

In Thessaloniki, Greece the team is able to support people in hopeless situations.

Open Doors - Open Ears

Despite the scorching heat, our contact center in Thessaloniki remains open.

Support for Drug Addicts

We have been working among homeless and drug addicts in Greece for many years.

Open Again!

Even the country of Greece has not been spared the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But slowly the restrictions are lifted again and certain things…

Off to the Streets

Greece has not been spared by the Corona crisis.

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