Rain at Last!

After a long dry spell in Asunción, Paraguay, it has now rained again. Without rain, the soil becomes parched...

Share a Meal

Our Transformation House in Ñemby, a suburb of Asunción, Paraguay, is a refuge for many children from neighboring districts.

What's a life worth?

In South America you can get killed for as little as 10 dollars. Think about the last time you bought something for 10 dollars or euros... a quick…

3 Questions to our Staff

Christine Czerwonka is working in our Transformation House in Ñemby, Paraguay.

Parents for Street Kids

This year, we say good-bye to Ralf and Elke Steinmetz, two pioneers of our work in South America.

Medical Aid

In the West, access to first aid and medical aid is relatively easy.

Encouragement from the far side of the World

The children in our prevention ministry in Paraguay have also heard about the war in the Ukraine.

DIY with a Mission

Some of the boys in Paraguay have started a great DIY project.

Live and in Color

In Asuncion it was time for vacations to begin.

Celebrating Christmas Together

Lima, Peru was one of the places where it was possible to celebrate Christmas together.

Extremely Warm Christmas

While in Europe we tend to associate Christmas with cold temperatures, in South America it can get really warm.

Open Air Fun

In Germany, the COVID infection rates are rising again, and Paraguay is also still dealing with the virus. Nevertheless, we can continue our…

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