Visiting an Unknown World

Our team in Asuncion visited an indigenous village and its inhabitants.

Workshops in Asuncion

Our team is continuing the activities for children from Asuncion.

New Equipment in Asuncion

We were able to upgrade the grounds of our branch in Asuncion, Paraguay through new equipment plus ingenuity and manual labor.

A Visit in Swabia

Christine Czerwonka has been living in Paraguay for twelve years now.

Miguel - Fruit of Our Labors in Paraguay

Since Miguel's mother was not able to take care of him or his siblings because she was an alcoholic, he was placed with his grandmother along with one…

Unintended Increase

Paraguay is among the countries that have experienced a sharp increase in mortality associated with COVID-19 virus.

Return to Germany

In March 2020, Jürgen and Renate Altscher had planned to visit their daughter Manuela, who works at our project in Asunción, Paraguay, for a stay of…

Happy Kids in the Bicycle Workshop

Our team have recently started repairing used bicycles for the children in the neighborhood.

Vacation Program in Paraguay

While there are still heaps of snow in many parts of Germany, it is time for summer vacations in Paraguay.

Christmas in Paraguay

Next to distributing food packages, we want to do something special for Christmas.

No School in Sight in Paraguay

While schools in Germany remain open, in several South American countries lessons are held online. In Paraguay, however, they are not taking place at…

Searching for a Car in Paraguay

At the moment, all we have in Asuncion, Paraguay is an old bus which is used for many different things.

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