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Information on Sponsorships

TOS Ministries International set up a booth at an open-air concert on Europaplatz in Tübingen. The visitors were enthusiastic about the projects and…
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Chess in Greece

The drop-in center in Thessaloniki, Greece is open regularly and offers a safe space for consultation, relaxation and programs.
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A Memorial Stone and its Story

This is something that Svetlagorsk has never had before: a visible place of remembrance for the Jews murdered during the Shoah. Now, on the initiative…

Rehab - is it any use?

This or something similar could have been the reaction when Sandra and Rebekka completed their volunteer year at the Drug Rehabilitation Center of TOS…

Another visit to Belarus

A team from Germany set out on the journey to Svetlagorsk in Belarus, even though traveling is made considerably more difficult by the sanctions.

Visiting Belarus

A large team from a Bible School in Germany visited the Rehab Center in Ostrovcizi.

Transformation in Rehab

Drug abuse makes people lonely and gradually isolates them in all areas of their lives. The hunt for the rush changes a person's personality so…

Formerly a Drug Addict - Today Helping Others

Lena from Belarus had a lonely childhood. Because of a heart defect and fractured vertebrae she had to spend a lot of time in hospital. So at the age…

Support in Greece

Before strict travel and contact restrictions were imposed in Greece due to the Corona pandemic, two German friends (first and second from the left)…

Simply a Place to Be

Life for homeless people in Thessaloniki, Greece is marked by poverty and hopelessness.

Rehabilitate rather than Freeze

Would you feel comfortable in winter without heating? Most people would probably answer "no" to this question. This is also the case for the…

The Entire Family Free from Addiction

Jevgeni and his wife Galina have experienced a 180-degree turn in recent years. They used to consume and sell drugs. Then a decisive process of change…

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