What's a life worth?

In South America you can get killed for as little as 10 dollars. Think about the last time you bought something for 10 dollars or euros... a quick…

Our Home in the Transformation House in Lima

To move or not to move, that is the question that is currently on everyone's mind in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru.

A Wedding in Peru

Two of our loyal team members in Lima, Peru said, "Yes, I do!" Astri and Aaron celebrated their wedding...

Visiting South America

The "Grandparents" are back in South America! This is a great joy for everyone...

Kids in Need in Brazil

At the end of last month, the CEO of our association and a small team traveled to Recife, Brazil...

Sand Castles in Calderón

Our team is offering a program for children and young people in the neighborhood of our Community Center in Calderón, Ecuador.

Visiting Belarus

A large team from a Bible School in Germany visited the Rehab Center in Ostrovcizi.

Generators for the Ukraine

Thanks to generous donations TOS Ministries International was able to send six generators to the Ukraine.

Vacation Fun

In Sucre, Bolivia, the vacations are coming to an end, but the team of our local project is not running out of creativity for the workshops in the…

Newbie on the Team

Hi, I am Janina and I am trainee with TOS Ministries International.


Halfway through their time as international volunteers with TOS Ministries International, they participated in a mid-term seminar in Lima, Peru.

Vacations in the Southern Hemisphere

Vacations are a reason for joy for children. In the slums of Latin America, however, they also have dark sides:

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