Dumb David

Rush Hour in Asuncion, Paraguay. Sitting in my car, I am waiting for a red l ight to change when from the corner of my eye I suddenly notice something…

HIV in Belarus

On December 1 is World Aids Day. Politicians and experts agree the issue has lost none of its relevance. We also find this in Belarus where we are…

Outreach Where Others Come for Vacation

In 2014, our team opened a Contact Center close to Aristotelos Square in Thessaloniki, Greece which serves as a point of contact for drug addicts. It…

Granny and Granddad are here!!

Donors on Tour of South America "When they come, it is like ganny and granddad from Germany come to visit," says Philipp Bissegger, leader of the…

Gabriela - No Longer Abandoned!

She used to be an abandoned child, but in the Transformation House in Lima, Peru she found a new home.

Summer Outreach in Belarus

In early August, a team from Tübingen and Bremen went to Belarus to support the rehab center there. Their route took them from Stuttgart via Warsaw to…

Visiting the Tuberculosis Clinic

For a few months now, a team from the Rehab Center in Svetlagosrk has been visiting the methadone clinic and the tuberculosis clinic in Gomel.

Volunteer in Belarus

This years marks the beginning of the opportunity for young people to volunteer in our Rehab Center in Belarus.

My Sponsor - My Hero!

First day of school, Christmas, birthdays - not only in Germany are they considered special occasions. Almost everybody remembers one or more of these…

Back to School in Bolivia

Alexa (6 years old) from Bolivia started school in February 2018. She had had virtually no chance of ever seeing a school from the inside, as Alexa…

Given up for Dead - Healed from four Deadly Diseases

Oleg in Belarus had been a drug addicts for 25 years. He had started taking drug when he was 13, and now he was suffering from tuberculosis, kidney…

Far-Reaching Ripple Effects of International Rehab Center

So far, drug addicts from 6 countries and 19 have come for rehab in the Centre for Healing and Rehabilitation in Belarus; news about the rehab center…

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