Far-Reaching Ripple Effects of International Rehab Center

Russia Drug Addicts Belarus

So far, drug addicts from 6 countries and 19 have come for rehab in the Centre for Healing and Rehabilitation in Belarus; news about the rehab center is spreading by word of mouth. One who heard about the center in a different country is Julia from Tyumen, Siberia. She had been doing heroin and salt for 13 years...

Just when she thought she was going crazy, she met a former friend at a bus stop. She had a stroller with her and looked strangely healthy and happy. This woman had been an absolute wreck just a few years earlier, but somehow they had lost sight of each other. Step by step Julia learned about the huge transformation in Galia's life and met the team of TOS Ministries International in Tyumen. At first she found it hard to believe there still was a way out from drugs for her. But the team in Tyumen helped her to get a place in the rehab center in Belarus. There Julia experienced healing, and now she says, "We receive so much love in the rehab center, I wouldn't have had a chance otherwise.“ It has been a few years now, but Julia chose to stay in Svetlagorsk and joined the out-patient ministry as a volunteer to help those addicts who just like herself would have no chance to survive otherwise.