My Sponsor - My Hero!

Street Children Sponsors & Donors Paraguay

First day of school, Christmas, birthdays - not only in Germany are they considered special occasions. Almost everybody remembers one or more of these special days, and we know they can either be really good days, or times of defeat that will still influence you many years later. All of our children come from a background where it is not normal to celebrate such special occasions. Again and again we have children who don't even know the date of their own birthdays. So in our Transformation Houses we very consciously celebrate special days in each child's life. This is just one example of many how we show the children that their lives matter and that they are unique.

In recent years, we have received more and more support from sponsors in these celebrations who are sending small gifts. For the children it is a great highlight when a postcard or even a present from Europe arrives. So is a soccer ball from a sponsor much more valuable in the eyes of a child than any other soccer ball that might look identical. It conveys the message, "I mean so much to someone that they actually think of me - even though they might not know me personally, and my own parents have forgotten me."

Sponsors are people who support "their sponsored child" with regular amounts of money. A sponsorship starts with EUR 30 a month. The children are aware that there are people in Europe and America who have decided to go without certain things and instead to make it possible for children to live in a Transformation House. Time and time again we are seeing how contacts and friendships develop through post and e-mail, and both sides have much to discover.

A big thank you to all sponsors who are continuously expressing the appreciation and esteem of the children with small and large amounts, showing them how important they are.

Become a sponsor - it is so simple to play an important part in a child's life!