Big Gathering in Peru


In Lima, Peru more than 70 representatives from our different bases in five different countries all across South America met.

They came together for a conference to meet the other teams, exchange ideas and encourage each other.

The founders of TOS Ministries International, Jobst and Charlotte Bittner, were also at the gathering. 

They met with the European staff for a breakfast to share ideas and develop new projects.

The Covid pandemic not only caused changes in our projects while it was raging wild, but also brought lasting changes in society and new challenges. Children and young people, especially those from poor backgrounds, were hit particularly hard. With a newly strengthened vision, all 70 representatives of the different branches are now traveling back to their countries to continue working with street children and, through support, to help them become stable personalities, gain perspective and vision for their lives, and break free from the spiral of poverty.

You can find more on the different branches here.