Three Questions to our Staff


Takis Tseggelidis is on our team in Thessaloniki, Greece.

1) You and your team in Thessaloniki take care of drug addicts. What is life like for these people?
"The addicts are at different points of addiction. Some have a fairly regular life with a job. With others, you see the increasingly severe drug addiction: first they lose their job, then more and more health problems come along. The drugs and their procurement take over their lives more and more. There is physical and psychological neglect. Some become criminals."

2.) What is your response to this need through your ministry and what is your vision?
"Basic needs are important. That's why we regularly go to the meeting places of drug addicts with food. Then it is crucial: we have experienced ourselves that through an encounter with Jesus, a life according to biblical standards and with God, one can overcome addiction and lead a whole new life. Therefore, we go to the addicts with the message that there is a way out of the vicious circle of addiction. We know: There is a chance for a lasting change of life and transformation. We can testify to that with our own lives. Our vision is that addicts will start to experience that."

3.) What situation has touched you the most in your ministry so far?
"We were visiting a couple who were staying with the mother of one of them who had dementia. Both were drug addicts and we were helping them move into a real apartment and fix their relationship with their mother. One day we were talking to them about the Bible. Although the mother was suffering from dementia, this moment made her visibly happy. I was encouraged by this situation because I saw that we were able to accompany two people a bit on their life's journey in a way that put them on a good path."

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