Cinema for Poor Neighborhood

Our team organized a movie night for kids from the por neighborhood of Abdón Calderón, Ecuador.

The Dark Side of School

The children are allowed back to school. They are looking forward to learning together in their classes and spending time with friends during the…

Empty Shelves

Due to the international increase in fuel prices, Ecuador is also experiencing disruptions in its supply chains.

10 Years in Guayaquil

For 10 years now, our team has been working in Guayaquil, Ecuador in one of the largest local slums.

Looking Forward to School

In Ecuador the time of online school is over.

Vacation Time in Ecuador

While spring slowly takes over the northern hemisphere, the children in Ecuador are currently enjoying their summer vacations.

Dreams for the New Year

Here our teams share their dreams for 2022. Today, we meet Anja and Benjamin Kunz from Abdón Calderón:

Christmas in Ecuador

Our team in the Ecuadorian metropolis of Guayaquil held a Christmas party with 200 people shortly before Christmas Eve.

Expansion in Ecuador

We expanded the playground for the Community Center.

Reunion in Ecuador

On the occasion of a celebration in Abdón Calderón, the leaders of the projects from three Latin American countries and Germany met.

Celebrating in Abdón Calderón, Ecuador

Our helpers were busy from the early morning, baking, setting out chairs and putting up decoration.

Long Time No See

For a long time, the team and volunteers in Guayaquil, Ecuador were only able to meet online.

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