Granny and Granddad are here!!

Ecuador Sponsors & Donors

Donors on Tour of South America

"When they come, it is like ganny and granddad from Germany come to visit," says Philipp Bissegger, leader of the ministry in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Günther and Ursula Kiesinger have been donors for our projects in South America for many years, and have made several extended visited to help practically.

Recently they visited the team in Guayaquil to show the work to their granddaughter. TOS Ministries International is working in a slum area of the city of 3 million inhabitants to prevent children and adolescents from slipping into a street and gang life.

The kids there just loved having the Kiesingers around. Not only did they take the time to have fun and play games with them, but they also helped giving them hands-on experience of important life skills. At a barbecue evening the retired butchers showed a group of lads how to properly prepare hamburgers with all of their side dishes. Something that may seem commonplace to us, is no every-day experience for the boys. In their world boys don't usually learn how to cook; just as they don't really learn about many other practical aspects of life, much less receive an adult's helping hand or attention. So they will not forget that evening with the Kiesingers. Quite on the contrary - they were all ears and eyes as they followed their every move. And so quite as a side-product of lots of fun and nice food, the boys learned how to plan and complete a project from scratch. That is an essential life skill that our team teaches in all of their workshops and leisure activity program. So learning can be fun!