A Destroyed Life Now Restored

Drug Addicts Belarus

Oksana* spent more than 10 years of her life in prison because of drugs. Her son grew up in a totally dysfunctional family, sometimes with his grandparents, sometimes with his drug addicted parents.

Already 13 years ago Oksana had made a first attempt in the Rehab Centre and had moved in with her then 7-year-old son. But the pull of addiction was still too strong and she returned to her husband, who was also an addict. Together they slipped back into hard drugs and alcohol. For Oksana this period ended in prison. After her release, she became part of the city's methadone program where, after all these years, she met staff from the Rehab Center again and decided to make a new attempt at freedom. She began her second rehabilitation in 2017, graduated successfully last year, and stayed for several months of internship to complete the tasks she had taken on in the agriculture program.

Her son, who actually had the worst prospects imaginable, received such a strong and sustainable foundation in the time he lived in the Rehab Centre with his mother that he developed very positively despite all adversities and is now a young man with good prospects and great plans for the future.