A Chance for Camilos Dream Job

Peru Street Children

The children we take care of have dreams. Our endeavour is to help them make these dreams come true. To that end, we have encouraged our supporters to give a donation as a gift this Christmas. Thanks to this aid, children of precarious backgrounds get a step closer to realizing their dream. This is Camilo's story.

Camilo has his mind set: "I will be a social worker when I am grown up and I will help children." This dream was not to be thought of until recently, nor was it probable that Camilo would complete a formal education at all.

He is the child of a father who left the family and of a mother addicted to drugs. Eventually his mother no longer managed to take care of her children. Camilo ran away from home to live on the streets. He seemed to be destined to become a street child.

But Camilo found a new home. He moved into our Transformation House in Lima, Peru. Because of that, completely new oportunities have opened up to him. For the first time in his life, adults lovingly take care of him and foster him. He shares a home with the House staff and other children like a big family. This safe and stable environment helps him develop a healthy and strong personality.

Another decisive aspect of Camilo's new life is that he attends school now. He has turned out to be a smart student who loves to learn new things. As public schools in Peru usually cannot provide safe and risk free learning conditions, Camilo attends a private school. In this school he receives a proper education which is a first step to becoming a social worker. For the time being, the ten-year-old still has a number school years ahead of him. In any case, he can call the Transformation House his home, until he has established himself in his dream job.


Did you know?

Our Transformation Houses are entirely funded through donations and sponsorships.

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