Working Behind the Scenes

"I know what I'm doing this for and who I'm doing this for." In an interview with Friends Edition, Sabine Schwarz describes what drives her with these words.

Friends Edition: What is your job at TOS Ministries International?

I am responsible for the financial planning of TOS Ministries International, I am a project manager and contact person for all official matters concerning our work.

Friends Edition: 

What does your working day look like? 

I regularly speak on the phone with our staff in the projects to advise them on questions of work organisation and education so that I can keep up to date with developments on site. This is important because I plan and evaluate the budget of our organisation, including determining whether any special expenses are necessary, and I am in contact with the authorities in Germany for all tax-relevant and legal matters.

Friends Edition: What do you want to achieve with your work and what motivates you every day? 

My office job doesn't differ so much from others in practical terms, the special thing about it is for whom and for what I do my work. I want to be a part of helping people meet God's love and experience change. I know that my desk job is necessary so that our projects for street children and drug addicts can run at all.

Friends Edition: You have been a member of TOS Ministries International since its foundation. Why did you choose this organization?

My personal experience with God and the Bible constantly motivates me to look outwards. I am thrilled that I can reach so many people with this organization. One of the outstanding moments of my work is when I meet former drug addicts in Belarus. Most of them would not even be alive any more without our Rehab Center. Now they have overcome addiction and found new perspectives for their lives. The same goes for me, when children and adults in our projects in South America set a course for their lives, through which they and whole generations come out of broken and difficult circumstances.

Friends Edition: Thank you very much for the interview.