"We can count on you!"


Some of them have been with us for twenty years and are therefore among the most loyal supporters of our work: the project sponsors of the Day Care Center in Argentina. Today we can see how these years of donations have had a dramatic and positive effect on the lives of the children at the Day Care Center.

When the Day Care Center was built with donations in Punta Diamante, the poorest region of Argentina, 21 years ago, it became an opportunity that did not exist there before. The children in Punta Diamante normally grow up in an extremely precarious environment. Very often mothers raise their offspring alone and have to leave them at home during the day to earn a living for the family. Under these harsh conditions, there is little room for loving support of the youngest children. When they grow up, they often get caught in the vicious circle of lack of prospects, low education and poverty.

Thanks to the Day Care Center, the children of Punta Diamante have a place where they are cared for in a way that is appropriate for their age on a daily basis and where highlights are created for them again and again, which they would otherwise not be able to experience. 

Ingrid, a former team member, tells about a trip to the local fire department: "It was great to look into the bright eyes of the children, who were overjoyed that their heart's desire had been fulfilled".

There is clear evidence that this early childhood support sets the course for a better future, like for José. He came to the Day Care Center at the age of 18 months and spoke his first words there. Today, at the age of 15, he attends a technical school, enjoys studying and has very good grades. The years in the Day Care Center have had a similarly positive effect on Ezequiel (20): "During this time I acquired social skills," he says. Today he is studying engineering.

"It is wonderful to see the change in individual children, who often become the best in their school class," says Josef from Germany. He has been supporting the project from the very beginning with visits on site. Magaly Gutierrez, the director of the Day Care Center, is full of praise for Josef's commitment and the pther Day Care Center sponsors: "We are very grateful for the support and trust over all these years. We knew that we could count on you. It is very encouraging that despite the geographical distance there is a great appreciation for our little treasures here."

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