Vanesa makes her dream come true

Street Children Paraguay

The children we take care of have dreams. Our endeavour is to help them make these dreams come true. To that end, we have encouraged our supporters to give a donation as a gift this Christmas. Thanks to this aid, children of precarious backgrounds get a step closer to realizing their dream. This is Vanesa's story.

A lovely sound fills the room when Vanesa sings her most favorite song while one of our staff members plays along with her guitar. Vanesa drops by every Wednesday for singing lessons in our Transformation House in Paraguay.

She usually can't bear to wait for the next Wednesday. Because at home there is no space for singing. She shares a two-room apartment with her parents and four siblings. Her mum and dad fight allot over her father's abusive drinking. For Vanesa, there is no quiet room for practicing.

Still, Vanesa's dream is to be a member in a music band one day. At the Transformation House she meets adults who encourage her and who foster her singing talent. One of them is a musician. She regularily gives Vanesa singing lessons. And for Vanesa it is out of question to not attend. Because this is one thing, she has realized at the Transformation House. If you have a goal in life, you cannot stop working towards it. This is how Vanesa not only improves her singing voice by the week but how she simultaneously learns to take her life into her own hands.


Did you know?

Our projects for drug and crime prevention are entirely funded through donations and sponsorships.

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