Transformation in Rehab

Drug Addicts Belarus

Drug abuse makes people lonely and gradually isolates them in all areas of their lives. The hunt for the rush changes a person's personality so much...


that the addict increasingly becomes a loner, while for him everyone and everything around him sinks more and more into an atmosphere of indifference. This vicious circle can only be broken from the outside.

Every week, therefore, the team and rehabilitants from the "Center for Healing and Rehabilitation" go to the city to do just that. From their own past of addiction, they know the places of loneliness and hopelessness and are not afraid to return there. In addition to practical help, their message is that it is possible to become free, and that your whole life can change once again. This becomes very tangible when they tell their own story.

In this way, more than 250 people have now been literally "snatched from hell".

The "Center for Rehabilitation and Healing" has room for up to 15 rehabilitants. It is a place where addicts are given the opportunity to get out of their addiction permanently. This is possible because people can change from the inside out when they encounter the love of God. On this basis, the rehabilitants are guided and accompanied to take steps on their own responsibility.

During therapy, each person receives personal attention with his or her needs and history. In everyday life they experience anew that their life is valuable and important and how they can contribute with their abilities. To do this, it is also necessary to clear up old things. For example, those who committed crimes during the addiction phase are instructed in how to make amends: the rehabilitants sort out thefts, lies and destroyed relationships themselves. In this way, they learn to take responsibility for their own lives again and to get out of the victim role. 

The transformation of formerly hopeless cases into people who can in turn help others makes them bearers and multipliers of change for their entire environment or even their nation.