The Entire Family Free from Addiction

Russia Drug Addicts

Jevgeni and his wife Galina have experienced a 180-degree turn in recent years. They used to consume and sell drugs. Then a decisive process of change began for them in the church in Tyumen.

Their relationship used to be dominated by quarrels, affairs and depression. Today, Jevgeni and Galina not only have a healthy marriage with two children, but are also important pillars of working with local drug addicts. Jevgeni's brothers observed this positive change over time. Both had been addicted to alcohol for many years of their lives, as Jevgeni also used to be. The younger one was extremely violent when drunk. He regularly beat his family or fought with others. Little by little the brothers noticed the changes in their brother and his wife and came to the conclusion that they needed and wanted the same change. Today both have overcome addiction and started a new life. The younger one is no longer violent and has started again to care for his four children and to reconcile with his family.

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