Outreach Where Others Come for Vacation

Greece Drug Addicts

In 2014, our team opened a Contact Center close to Aristotelos Square in Thessaloniki, Greece which serves as a point of contact for drug addicts. It was purposefully opened close to a park that is a know haunt for drug addicts, dealers, and prostitutes. In the Contact Center, the team points the addicts to a way out of the downward spiral of addiction, crime, and sickness. Street work and regular visits keep alive the contact to many who are still struggling with their decision to quit the drugs.

During the summer months, the team in Thessaloniki was supported by various groups and individuals. So there were people from Leipzig who are long-term supporters of the ministry, as well as a bible school class from Southern Germany. Others had planned their vacation so they would be able to get to know the ministry first-hand, others gave their entire vacation-time to help in the various aspects of the ministry.

One helper from Germany put it like this:

"It was a very moving experience to be in Greece and to see the drug scene for myself together with the staff who had spent so many years there. The leader of the Ministry, Christos, had no qualms approaching the people, some of whom actually appeared quite frightening at first. He showed true interest in the addicts - it was his true love for them. He showed them appreciation for who they really are. Every single one of the men belonging to the local drug scene knew him and had already experienced his help and support one way or the other.
Despite my language barrier I was able to experience firsthand what kind of deep impact this work has on the drug addicts.
These hours opened my eyes for the huge need and desperate situation of the drug addicts in Thessaloniki, and they changed me, too. I can only recommend this important ministry."