New Roof for the Clothes Lines in Sucre


In the Transformation House in Sucre, a new roof was built for the laundry area. Now our team and children can leave their laundry to dry outside without fear of rain or bad weather.

In Sucre, hundreds of children live and work on the streets. The site of the Transformation House used to be a hotel. By purchasing the former hotel not far from Sucre, we have the opportunity to directly take in children from the streets or from emergency situations. Through the love of God, the lives of the children can change from a past of negative experiences to a future with perspective. That is why our houses are called Transformation Houses (transformation = change).

The Transformation House in Sucre has spacious outdoor facilities with bungalow-style buildings and a small swimming pool. Four to six children each live in a bungalow with its own bathroom and toilet. Bunk beds and desks have transformed the former spacious double rooms into cozy sleeping and learning spaces.