Javiera: “I will become a doctor!”

Bolivia Street Children

The children in our projects have dreams that would never come true without help. That is why this year we have called for people to give away a donation instead of a Christmas present to the loved ones. Thanks to this support, children from precarious circumstances are one step closer to their dreams. This is the story of Javiera.

From street child to doctor? This seems an illusion at first glance. But this is exactly what Javiera has set out to do. And with help she can do it.

At just eight years old, Javiera has already faced many adversities. Born into a poor family in Bolivia, she had to experience domestic violence from an early age. When she could no longer stand it at home, she ran away and joined a group of street children in Sucre. But life on the streets was dangerous. Many of her friends started taking drugs to escape the lack of prospects in their lives.

At the age of seven, Javiera came to our Transformation House in Sucre where she had a real home for the first time in her life. The house is actually a small complex with several bungalows, a large garden and even a swimming pool. She felt very much at home right from the start. Here she lives together with the staff and other children as if she were part of a family. The adults look after her lovingly. Javiera enjoys the regular daily routine and has started to learn to play the piano. Step by step, she can leave behind the experiences of the past and discover what she is capable of. She knows that one day she will become a doctor. Now that she is also receiving a solid education, her chances are very good