Get the Right Perspective!


Antonia, one of the children in our Transformation House in Sucre, Bolivia, found it difficult to see clearly into the distance. When a child's vision problems are discovered too late...

... or not at all, it can lead to serious problems later on or even limit them in their overall development. But thanks to a donation, new glasses have now been purchased for her.

Antonia grew up with her siblings in very poor conditions and a violent home. In her village there was no electricity and barely enough water for all the inhabitants. Her parents are both illiterate and heavy drinkers. There never was enough food at her parents' house. Her grandfather took care of feeding the family, but he passed away in January 2017. As a result, Antonia was very neglected and malnourished. So she came to us at the Transformation House in early 2017. In the meantime, the new school year has started in Bolivia and we are very happy that she can learn and read better with the new glasses.