Endorsements for TOS Ministries International

Sponsors & Donors

"We support TOS Ministries International, because...

... we know that our help reaches its destination."

Harald & Claudia Kiesinger, Owners of a Butchery and Catering Service

... I know that my donation goes directly to the people in need and I am 100% behind the sponsorship program of childrenHope stehe.<br />Desiree Syring, Physician for Inner Medicine
... I want to show my gratitude for our prosperity - by supporting children who will receive new hope and perspective for their lives thanks to my donation.<br />Michael Ruh, School Director in Switzerland
...this work comes from the heart, and our help actually reaches those who need it.<br />Anette Krug, Owner of two Physio-Therapy and Wellness Studios in Tübingen
We are sponsoring children with TOS Ministries International, so these kids will find a home and the chance for a good education<br />Renate & Jürgen Altscher from Bremen