Ecuador: State of Emergency extended - Immediate Aid Continues

Humanitarian Aid

In Ecuador, the corona crisis is not yet over. The curfew has been extended again. Our workers on site will continue to provide emergency aid for the foreseeable future.

Our team in Abdón Calderón, Ecuador has made a huge purchase of food. The food is distributed to the individual inhabitants of the village over the garden fences. The villagers are extremely grateful for this support, which ensures their survival in the Corona crisis. Their gratitude is expressed to the team:

A neighbor lent them his car for better transportation. Another one helps to pack and distribute the food packages himself. For example, many give the employees fruit from their plots of land, or expect them to bring drinks, thus sharing what little they have out of gratitude.

Week after week, our team in Guayaquil buys large quantities of food, which they drive to the project district in pickup trucks and then divide them up into food packages in our Community Center. The families in need then receive a phone call and an individual time when they can pick up their package. This ensures that nobody catches the infection. 

Where necessary, our team also organizes medication for the people in the project district. Sometimes they have to go to several pharmacies because many medicines are currently out of stock;

Manabí and Guaya are the regions of Ecuador that are hardest hit by the virus. This is exactly where our prevention projects have been located for several years in the poor districts of Guayaquil and Abdón Calderón. However, at the moment there is no usual programme because of the curfews. Instead, since March, our teams have been providing emergency aid by distributing food packages to starving families in their neighborhoods. These families normally live on casual labor, which is currently not possible due to the state of emergency. Our food packages are currently reaching several hundred households in Ecuador. We will continue the program for as long as it is necessary.