Celebrating in Abdón Calderón, Ecuador


Our helpers were busy from the early morning, baking, setting out chairs and putting up decoration.

At the celebration, the kids were able to show what they had learned in the dance workshops. Among those who attended the celebration were the leaders and some volunteers from the project in Guayaquil, Ecuador, together with their families.

At the celebration, head of the projects in Ecuador, Philipp Bissegger, described the big earthquake that had hit the Manabí region in April 2016:

"[...] The earthquake back then shook us all very much, moved us and we felt it all the way to Guayaquil. And sometimes I can still feel the shock that happened at seven o'clock that evening. And I can imagine how that must have been for you here."

Our team from Guayaquil provided humanitarian aid in the earthquake region. This gave rise to a new project in a town in the region, Abdón Calderón. Since December 2016, we have offered regular workshops for children and counseling services for parents there.

You can find more information about our projects in Ecuador here.