Building Continues in Ecuador


While the house is largely finished by now, the grounds and interior are still missing a few things.

Meanwhile there is even a spacious chicken coop next to the building. This provides the team with delicious eggs for breakfast. In order to be able to irrigate the grounds of our Community Center in Abdon Calderon, Ecuador adequately, a well was drilled. Now, thanks to the existing ground water, there will be no water shortage even in the dry season.

Since our team leader Benjamin Kunz from Abdon Calderon, Ecuador is a trained carpenter, it is no big problem for him to build new furniture out of wood, so now they can begin storing their belongings in the house.

The Community Center in Abdon Calderon is to become a place for families with a small restaurant, pool and playground for children, and rooms for workshops, youth programs and further education.

If you want to know more about the prevention work in Calderon, you can take a look here.