A Call from Prison


An Invitation by the Prison Administration

The year is 1996. Drugs, HIV and death are rampant in the city of Svetlagorsk; the cemetery grows every day. The city administration does not know which way to turn; the only answer is to put the drug addicts in jail.

Then they hear about a group of Christians who are willing to go to this place of hopelessness to help people who have been abandoned by everyone else. So they ask TOS Ministries International for help and pledge all the support they can get.

In the meantime, we are in the year 2022. The city has changed; the Rehab work has gained recognition from doctors, police and city authorities. And again the authorities turn to us. This time it is the prison administration in the local special prison for addicts with 2,000 inmates who asks us to start a Christian discussion group inside the prison.

When the team from the Rehab Center first came to the prison to meet with the inmates after this official request, there were 500 people in the room. Gradually, the group stabilized at about 30 people, who listened as if spellbound to grasp for themselves what the former drug addicts from the Rehab Center were talking about. For many, the road is still long, but even behind prison walls, freedom of heart is possible. They can encounter the transforming love and grace of God, become free from drugs and gain a perspective of being reintegrated into society.

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