3 Questions to our Staff


Christine Czerwonka is working in our Transformation House in Ñemby, Paraguay.

We asked her three questions that she ansered with three pictures:

1.In your ministry you are taking care of kids in high-risk situations. What does life look like ususally for these kids?

"Usual life of children here in Ñemby is that most of the time one of their parents is missing. Their parents are often unemployed or day laborers because there is no work. Normal life is marked by violence, abuse and neglect. The children are left to fend for themselves and have to take responsibility for even younger siblings at a very early age. They often work from a very young age."

2. What are the answers that your ministry can provide for this need and what is you vision behind your work?

"First and foremost, we want to pass on God's love and show the children that they are wanted, that they can make something of their lives; that they can do things differently than is often considered normal in their families.

They can simply come to our workshops and play afternoons. We give them affection and support them in discovering and developing their talents. In the process, we also try to involve their parents and get them to support their children."

3. Which situation has touched you most in your ministry so far?

"When we look around our town, we see extreme neglect among the children. They often have lice, diseases or worms; teenage girls often get pregnant, and may not have even learned to read and write properly. You can ask yourself, where do I start and where do I stop? But every child we help has a chance to get out of there."

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