Encouragement from the far side of the World

The children in our prevention ministry in Paraguay have also heard about the war in the Ukraine.

Help for Refugees

The refugees need support right now.

Immediate Aid Ukraine

On Sunday, the first group of refugees from the Ukraine arrived in Tübingen at approximately 3:30 am.

Immediate Aid Ukraine

Help people who have to flee from the Ukraine! Your donations help our contact team in Lublin, Poland to pick up people from the border, provide them…

Vacations in South America

For our staff in Lima, Peru, it is always important to plan some highlights for the children in the Transformation House during the school vacations.

DIY with a Mission

Some of the boys in Paraguay have started a great DIY project.

Live and in Color

In Asuncion it was time for vacations to begin.

Up and Away, but with Purpose?

Volunteer with us in 2022. Israel, South America or Belarus are waiting for you!

Volunteering in South America

Hi, my name is Janina and I am volunteering in Lima, Peru where I work in a children's home.

Volunteering in Israel

In Israel we cooperate with ADI for our volunteers, which is currently the largest network of places that offer assisted living for people with…

Plans for Peru

Here our teams share their dreams for 2022. Today, we meet Ruben Gutknecht from Lima:

Dreams for the New Year

Here our teams share their dreams for 2022. Today, we meet Anja and Benjamin Kunz from Abdón Calderón:

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