Empty Shelves

Due to the international increase in fuel prices, Ecuador is also experiencing disruptions in its supply chains.

10 Years in Guayaquil

For 10 years now, our team has been working in Guayaquil, Ecuador in one of the largest local slums.

Special Times Require Special Measures

Our team member Marie Dewald (29) from Lima responded to the challenges to everyday life at our Transformation House in Peru posed by the two-year…

Rehab in Times of Crisis

For more than 20 years, the Rehab Center in the small village of Ostrovcizi near Svetlagorsk in southern Belarus has been offering drug addicts the…

Parents for Street Kids

This year, we say good-bye to Ralf and Elke Steinmetz, two pioneers of our work in South America.

Transformed - Odyssey with Happy End

Nieve (15) lives in our Transformation House in Lima, Peru. Despite her young age, she has had a hard life which she shares about here:

Two Decades in South America

Regine Dewald has been living in Lima, Peru for many years. IIn an interview she shares about her experiences abroad.

Medical Aid

In the West, access to first aid and medical aid is relatively easy.

Looking Forward to School

In Ecuador the time of online school is over.

Behind the Scenes

How does the news from our international projects get onto our social media channels?

Why Vacation Programs?

Vacations are a time of rest and recreation, fun and games without school duties.

Vacation Time in Ecuador

While spring slowly takes over the northern hemisphere, the children in Ecuador are currently enjoying their summer vacations.

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