Obituary for Viktor Minchyk

Viktor, called Vitja by everyone, was a big-hearted man: joyful, dynamic, with a determined will and ready to help anytime.

Endorsements for TOS Ministries International

"We support TOS Ministries International, because... ... we know that our help reaches its destination." Harald & Claudia Kiesinger, Owners of a…

New Bus for Sucre, Bolivia

Thanks to a generous donation last year we were able to buy a new bus. After the obstacle of money had been overcome, the team had to search for a…

New Property for Church and Prevention Project

The country keeps experiencing severe earthquakes, and the people are still traumatized from the devastationg effects of the one in 2016. So our team…

A Destroyed Life Now Restored

Oksana* spent more than 10 years of her life in prison because of drugs. Her son grew up in a totally dysfunctional family, sometimes with his…

Spring Cleaning in the Day Care Center

Slowly the long vacation time is drawing to an end in the Day Care Center in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina and everything is made ready fro a new…

New Bus for the Rehab in Belarus

Thanks to a generous donation, the team in Belarus was able to purchase a new car for the rehab work there.

Christmas Celebration with 200 Guests

200 residents from rural, poor areas were able to experience an unforgettable day at the weekend Christmas party in Abdón Calderón, Ecuador. A…

Working Behind the Scenes

"I know what I'm doing this for and who I'm doing this for." In an interview with Friends Edition, Sabine Schwarz describes what drives her with these…

Little Ones Dream Big

It was the big question that Andrea Montenegro recently asked the children in our Drug and Crime Prevention Project in Guayaquil, Ecuador: What is…

First-Hand Reports of Miracles

Usually they take care of street children in Paraguay, look after kids in danger in one of our Transformation Houses or show drug addicts in Russia a…

A Week Filled with Fun

Twenty-six children attended this year’s summer camp at our Rehab Center in Belarus. Over the course of one week, the kids enjoyed hands-on fun…

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