One-Year Anniversary!


Visiting Neighbors

While everybody here is speculating about a possible second wave, the first one never stopped in Boivia.

Building Continues in Ecuador

While the house is largely finished by now, the grounds and interior are still missing a few things.

Harvest Time in the Rehab Center

The rehab patients of this year are proud of the ripe products of their labors.

Back from Adventures Abroad

Various seminars are part of the volunteer program. This year's volunteers have now competed the last of these seminars.

4 Months State of Emergency

This is what our crisis crew has to say:

We are building again!

In Ecuador, despite the Covid-19 crisis and curfew, it is now possible to start construction work on houses again, even though many other restrictions…

Continuing Food Distributions in Paraguay

While temperatures in the Northern hemisphere are rising, winter has come to Paraguay.

Renovations in Svetlagorsk Continue

Since the beginning of the year, we have been continuously working on renovating the Rehab Center step by step.

Off to the Streets

Greece has not been spared by the Corona crisis.

School - Out of School

For parents worldwide, the shutting down of schools and the changeover to homeschooling was a big challenge.

I was infected by Corona

Janina's story illustrates what the situation in Peru is like during the Corona crisis. Many have experienced similar situations and are very grateful…

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